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Published Works 

Sheologies from Minerva Rising Press Out Now! 

The poems in SHEOLOGIES begin with a folktale of a world where lagoons speak, flowers pray, and seagulls wear kippahs. They invite the reader to personally engage in the ancient technologies of Jewish magic, prayer, and mystical text to locate our present-day ancestors and create new rituals. Through fabulism, folklore, and lyric prose, SHEOLOGIES swirls reverie with recipes, spells, and prayers. It is as much embodied practice as text, tracing a nonlinear journey through a world left by Jewish feminine ancestors, plangcestors, and priestesses. SHEOLOGIES ask what it means to heal lineage, center women’s magic as community care, call on a feminine God, and lean into our sacred longings.

Pre-order now! Publication date: April 10, 2023.



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