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Online, Live, Introductory Writing Research Class, Bowling Green State University

Official Description:

WRIT 1120 Seminar in Research Writing builds on foundational understandings of academic reading and writing with a focus on inquiry-based writing. By engaging a range of writing tasks, both informal and formal, students pursue person- and library-based research writing that has meaning to them personally. Students also continue to build confidence as readers, writers, and critical thinkers, adding their voices to ongoing conversations. Using a workshop approach, students practice strategies for representing, through reflective writing, their research and composing processes to a range of audiences. Students compose inquiry-driven projects that include but are not limited to, digital, visual, and narrative expository arguments. Placement through UWP online pre-screening or prior credit in WRIT 1110 is required for enrollment. ePortfolio based. Graded: A, B, C, NC.

Personal Description:  


In WRIT1120 you will learn how to study writing. Writing is shaped by communities, and each community’s form of writing is different. Because of this, there is no right way to write. Writing depends on context, on place, on people. Throughout your life, you will encounter many different forms of writing. Each of your majors has its own genres, jargon, and forms. Learning how learn about writing, rather than learning set forms, will make you a stronger and more adaptive writer throughout your life.

 In Writ1120, you will all take on the persona of writing researchers. You will ask yourself critical thoughts about writing and do your own original research and writing. In this class, you will be given a lot of freedom to pursue your areas and interest and passion, but through the lens of writing research. Through discussion, peer review, class workshops, and library research you will be supported through the process of writing a long form academic paper on writing. You will create A question that is interesting to you, and focus your time in this course, learning about your question through secondary and primary research. You will leave this course knowing how to ask and answer questions about writing, but also how to adapt to writing in different contexts. This class is hands on and highly collaborative. I expect everyone in the course to participate, ask questions, and take risks! I am so thrilled to be on this academic journey with you all!

Labor Based Contract
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